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Chula Vista Coin Club


Meetings on the 1ST Thursday of each month

Currently online meetings

   President = Steve Fahrlender 619-971-5159                  Secretary = Virginia Bourke 619-486-4830

  Vice President = Ted Koopman 619-691-0294               Treasurer = Dave Corcoran 619-475-4423

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***October 7th Meeting will be a VIRTUAL MEETING***

Starts at 6:30 PM Topic is

“Creepy and Scary”

       Future topics:

Feb 4th - US Coinage – What Came Before

                                       (our everyday coins) - Bob Fritsch

Mar 4th - Commemoratives Items - Steve

Apr 1st - Operation Bernhard Notes - Jim Phillips

May 6th - Souvenirs of the San Fernando Valley - Phil

Jun 3rd - Fantasy Notes - Steve

Jul 1st - GSA Hoard - John Watcher

Aug 5th - “Trains, Planes and Automobiles”

Sep 2nd - “British North America”

Oct 7th - “Creepy and Scary”

Nov 4th -

Dec 2nd -